Keep Your Operations
Compliant & Efficient

Nevada  Info: Nevada's Marijuana Enforcement Division requires those who hold licenses in the state and their stakeholders to report to METRC as their primary method of tracking. The state requires cannabis to be traced from seed to sale, which requires operators to jump through hoops to prove they’re being compliant.

By 2019, Nevada had passed the $1 billion mark in revenue, just a couple years after recreational cannabis was made legal in the state. Nevada uses the tax revenue from cannabis to fund education and a rainy day fund to handle unexpected expenses.

With this dedication to legitimizing the industry has come the responsibility of keeping painstakingly detailed records. If you can’t prove you’re doing everything by the book, with products that have been tracked by the state throughout every stage, you could soon be out of business.

Mastering the Nevada Marijuana Industry With Yobi

Although you are required to use METRC as your primary tracking method, using Yobi's platform is a must if you want to make compliance simple. You can take the headaches out of your reporting by letting Yobi’s software do the job for you.

It is not uncommon for a licensed operation to have a couple of employees solely dedicated to reporting data to METRC. Keeping paper records is a huge task, and so is staying on top of the changing regulations. Yobi seed-to-sale software automatically updates when the laws change, and it will allow you to input data that will then be directly sent to METRC in real-time.