Dispensary Management 

Operations Managers are the backbone of any organization. And add in the heavy regulation and difficult compliance laws for this industry? Dispensary Managers are practically superheroes.

Running a Dispensary

There's a ton that goes into running a successful dispensary.


Dispensary Compliance

This industry is unique in that one wrong move could cost your business its license or fined up the wazoo.


inventory management-05

Inventory Management

Like any retail operation, inventory must be managed. Unlike other retail operations, regulation dictates production to sale tracking.



Staff Training

Getting the best people on your side and ensuring they’re performing effectively for your organization.



Improving Efficiency

Your standard operating procedures impact the bottom line, and successful dispensaries run smooth.



Marketing & Customer Retention

Customer acquisition drives the success of a dispensary, and that starts with making existing customers happy.



Accounting & Profit

Dispensary management and how transactions are tracked impacts accounting.


And much, much more.

At Yobi, We Understand

And that's why we built our dispensary management software around the needs of Dispensary Managers like you.

With our knowledge of developing enterprise POS systems for large corporations, our team spent time working in REAL dispensaries to develop software to meet the needs of this unique and complicated industries.

Articles About Managing a Dispensary

We’re grateful to have learned from cutting-edge people in the business, so we feel it’s only appropriate that we give back through our blog and other helpful resources.

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